Friday, March 20, 2009

“A graphic novel! That sounds cool sir.” These were the editorial team's first thoughts to Indian by choice. No, really we meant it. Making books as a profession is stimulating, but a graphic novel sounded like fun. Our bubble was soon to burst, with the work that followed. Nevertheless, enjoy we thoroughly did. It really gave us a more practical insight into the colourful and measured world of comics. Reading a graphic novel is like reading an animated screenplay. Contrary to popular belief, there is a graphic novel out there for every reader, may they be kids, teens or adults! Issues which make a difference and are thought provoking don’t always have to be preachy like a text book. That’s where the graphic novel medium comes like a breath of fresh air.
Indian By Choice attempts to connect with its readers and help them to understand India and its people in a more experiential way through this book. So go ahead, take a ride and experience the enigmatic beauty of India for yourself.

P.S. – Attached here is page from the book, depicting the lajpat nagar market scene in Delhi on a usual day under the Indian sun. Observe the myriad activities happening simultaneously. Enjoy:)

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